So you have this PURPOSE you are trying to serve, and this thing you are building to help you do it…but how do you make sure what and how you’re building it is reallllly serving your ultimate dream supreme!? I am talking about how and when you need to diversify your offerings to make sure you are serving up the right stuff! You know what the people need, let’s make sure you are getting it to them! Let’s get aligned, in the flow, and ready to go!


  • Understanding the needs of who you want to serve!
  • Finding an access point for people!
  • The great social media debate!
  • How to build offerings that are sustainable and meet the needs of the market!

Here are you 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF!

  1. Do you want a team? 
  2. Do your offerings directly serve your purpose? 
  3. Are you crippling yourself by only doing what you think you should do?

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