Do you know what you want to do but it isn’t paying the bills yet? Don’t get discouraged! We go into how to pay your bills doing work that doesn’t drain  you of all your energy so you can put your passion and creativity toward the project of your dreams! You really can have it all—you might just have to get creative in the process! Let’s do it!


  • Finding a way to make money that doesn’t drain you so you can pay the bills and still put your energy to what you want to build!
  • Content creation strategies!
  • When to call it quits!
  • Going from your WHY to your WHAT!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF!

  1. How much money do you want to make vs. need? 
  2. Are you waiting for someone to give you permission to do what you really want to do?
  3. Do you think you need to get to a certain level before you can do what you want?

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