Building a community can be really tough—and monetizing what you’ve built is even tougher! We aren’t holding anything back in this candid, brass tacks conversation about how to build, how to monetize, how to use events in your business, and how to communicate your message clearly so your people engage! You have pain points—we have soothing, calming, healing solutions! (I said that in my sultry business therapy voice OBVIOUSLY!)


  • How to attract the community you want to serve!
  • In person events!
  • Creating effective content!
  • Clarifying your message so people aren’t confused!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Are your customers/audience confused about what you are offering? 
  2. Are you limiting your reach by assuming only certain people will be interested in what you are offering? 
  3. Think of something you feel like is “not working”. Get specific on what part of it isn’t working, or why it feels that way.

Other things we talk about:

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