When life kicks you down it can be HARD to get back up! And then what do you do next!? More of the same? A pivot? A whole new direction!? It can be overwhelming. We talk about actual things to do to get back up and then we get specific on how to create a path and parameters to get you where you really want to be…living the dream! It’s a REAL GOOD ONE!


  • Giving yourself grace in your bounce back period after you’ve been knocked down!
  • How to create a life that meets your needs!
  • When to monetize your passion and when to find another way to pat the bills!
  • Strategy ideas to build your business the way YOU want to!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Create a marker for success that will help you stop, notice, and FEEL successful! (trees for oprah)
  2. Are you letting what you think you need NOW, prevent you from going after what you really want?
  3. Get specific about the parameters of your dream job. What do you do, where do you do it, who are you serving?

Other stuff we talk about:

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