Welcome to Business Therapy with Alison Faulkner of Alison’s Brand School! In our first episode I introduce myself, talk about the businesses and brands I’ve built, and share why I feel so bold as to start a podcast called, “Business Therapy!”

I also share how I think you can maximize this podcast to help you create a beautiful purpose-filled life! BIG CLAIMS, haha but I’ve got thousands of Boss Babes under my belt that I’ve helped do just that to back me up!

With each episode of Business Therapy you’re going to get actionable questions to ask yourself so you can get clearer about the work you’re doing, and this episode is no exception! We’ll go over 3 questions and tips for doing what you feel called to do!

So buckle up buttercup, grab a notebook, prep your tissues, and get ready to crack yourself wide open! I’m so grateful you’re here!

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