You have your reasons for building what you’re building, but what are the REALLLL reasons?? Today I go tough on my beautiful friend @chelseachristensen to dig deep into the WHY behind starting something new! Maybe you have a passion or a calling but does it need to be a business or could it be a hobby? WHAT DO YOU NEED FROM IT!? Bring your hard hat cause walls are tumbling down!!


  • Digging for the reason you really want to do something, and uncovering why you haven’t done it yet!
  • Getting specific on the person you want to serve.
  • When to make a business, and when to let it be a hobby.
  • Allowing your path to be different than what’s modeled for you!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF!

  1. What assumptions are you making about something you haven’t really tried yet?
  2. If something forced you to quit RIGHT NOW would you be relieved or devastated?
  3. Describe in detail the person you are trying to serve. What do they need most?


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