I’m doing what I feel called to do and I’m doing it in the way I felt inspired to do it but it’s NOT WORKING the way I thought it would so now I am pretty sure I should quit everything. Relatable!? Today I chatted with my very own Texas pastor, Crystal Sparks, about the fear in letting go and allowing ourselves to pivot and more fully come in to our purpose! It is so relatable and powerful and could be just what you need to knock down some walls! 


  • When it’s time to PIVOT in product or delivery!
  • Moving through the fear of letting go!
  • How to package your product to resonate with your audience.
  • Showing up effectively on your platform

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Is what you are doing resonating or is it time to pivot?
  2. What are you already doing right now that you can use as a resource to build your business?
  3. What are you afraid to let go of that’s keeping you from doing what you are feeling called to do?

Other stuff we talk about!

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