If you’re feeling like you’re trying to juggle a million balls and just dropping all of them, check out this episode of business therapy with Melissa Sly of Sly Lash. Melissa is trying to run her own business and sell her newly patented product, utilizing only the scraps of time leftover after her day is done. She’s operating in a place where everything seems important and also overwhelming and impossible. I talk with her about evaluating a few critical business questions that we can all evaluate ourselves:


  1. Why did you REALLY start your business?
  2. What are you REALLY good at?
  3. What is your end goal for this business?


I walk through the difference between demographics and psychographics with her to get her to a point where she can assess how she’s tying in her WHY into the product she’s selling. I walk through what she’s been able to do, what she’s good at doing, what she struggles doing, and what fears are holding her back from doing what she wants to do.


Most importantly in this episode, we talk about focus. When everything seems important and urgent, I walk her through how to set one priority per day and how to implement a schedule that works even for someone who can only operate in the crumbs of time. As we get to implementing a schedule, I pick up on patterns in her business execution that reveal one of her challenges as a business owner- finishing an idea or project.


We talk through all of her concerns on how many things she thinks she should be doing to grow her business from equipment to collaborations to user generated content. In turn, we start to unpack a very common challenge: that our focus on all of the potential ways we think we should be operating our business often paralyzes us and distracts us from finishing the work that we’re capable of doing right now.



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