When you REALLY CARE about your work it can sometimes become difficult to stay objective in your product creation and marketing. Your ego and you heart get all wrapped up in it! I mean, so I’ve heard. HA we are talking about  how to play to your strengths and use what you have to take the next step, and how to use the voice of your people in your marketing to best serve them! And you! With this episode maybe you really CAN have it all!!?


  • How to navigate feeling called to do a million different things
  • Maximizing your strengths
  • Building marketing that serves your people
  • Being a creative in the world of business

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Are you feeling called to do a million things and make huge changes? Or are you restless?
  2. Are you making decisions based on what you really want, or what you feel like you SHOULD want?
  3. Have you asked your customers/clients what THEIR pain points are? 

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