Are you feeling clear on your purpose but unsure how to make your next move? On this episode of Business Therapy I chat with Rachel Nielson–host of the super successful and fabulous podcast 3 in 30: Takeaways for Moms–about how to revisit your end goal and your WHY in order to assess your next move. I ask her some critical questions that we can ask ourselves when trying to figure out what the game plan is for leveling up!


  1. What’s the goal you feel silly saying out loud?
  2. What does your perfect day of work look like?
  3. If you could get paid exactly the way you wanted, how would you make money?


Rachel is in a place where she’s already experienced success as a podcaster and has already accomplished her goal of giving moms the best actionable ideas and takeaways. But her next move is to tackle monetizing on her success. We explore the route of sponsorships and talk about the strategies that go into that like media kits and partnership models. And then we explore the route of selling a product and talk email strategies, from incentives and freemiums, to drip campaigns and capturing emails.


As Rachel begins to move to her next level, I help her get clear on where her time is best utilized. I walk her through what work she should and shouldn’t be doing, and how common it is to not only work for free for a long time, but to pay employees without revenue!


Then we obviously take stock of what social media efforts are effective for her, what her intention is there, how to get what you want from it and how to schedule your work time there as effectively as possible for the sake of productivity, work/life boundaries, and mental health.




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