“I should be more successful by now!” Sound familiar? Getting caught up in timelines and expectations can make it feel like you’re never quite as successful as you SHOULD be—no matter where you’re at! Deciding what to do next, and if it’s really the step you WANT to be taking can feel heavy, scary, and confusing—so let me lighten your load! I know this episode will help you have some MAJOR breakthroughs!


  • Playing to your strengths!
  • Creating leverage to inspire action!
  • Taking inspired action vs. frantic action—to build what YOU really want!
  • Chasing what you want rather than chasing momentum!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF:

  1. Do you really not know what to do next, or are you just afraid to do the thing you really want? 
  2. Are you forcing frantic action to maintain momentum? 
  3. What task in your business can you remove yourself from to free up resources for what you really want to be doing?

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