Growing pains are REAL especially when it means letting go of things we LOVE to do and LOVE to control! We get reallllll specific on how to decide what/when/how to let go of things to create space for growth AND how to get more time! Good thing you look hot in that snorkel because we are diving deep!


  • How to figure out what to do yourself and what other people can do!
  • Getting clear on how you want, or don’t want to scale things!
  • Creating a minimum viable product version of your big goal so you can take action now!
  • Time and project management techniques!

Here are your 3 Business Therapy Questions to ASK YOURSELF!

  1. What is the minimum viable product version of your goal? What immediate action can you take to get there? 
  2. Where is the bottleneck?
  3. What is something  you do that is almost effortless for you but taxing for other people?

Other stuff we talk about!

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